(Shasta County, CA) — Shasta County board of supervisors voted to end their contract with Dominion Voting Systems because some voters say they don’t trust the machines. The supervisors reached a split vote during yesterday’s meeting.

The decision was made after a long debate about the machines from the public and Supervisor Patrick Jones, who led the effort to end the contract with Dominion.

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  1. This is so ignorant! Just because people are so stupid to believe an habitual liar, one that was exposed by over 60 courts, we are ending our contract with the victims of slander! Is Redding made up of a bunch of ignorant right wing nuts? The answer is yes! I am more and more convinced that population of Shasta county is made up of intelligence lacking, hypocritical, conspiracy theorists without any realistic ideals and completely absent of logic! Just like how you idiots think Fauci is the bad guy, you people embarrass me and disappoint me! It almost makes me think about running for a position in our local leadership! I would never sacrifice integrity or vilify innocent people. I contain the logic you are absent of and I am tougher than you because I stand for what is right, true, and I am not a fool! Redding! We must do better with who we vote in! This is embarrasssing!

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