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Yuba County Office of Emergency Services Sets Up Evacuation Center at Sycamore Ranch

(Yuba County Office of Emergency Services release) – Yuba County’s public safety team set up an evacuation center at Sycamore Ranch, for those in the “Evacuation Warning” zones (YUB-E095 and E098) who feel safer leaving before any possible declaration of an Evacuation Order.

We also understand it can be a lengthy process to collect and transport livestock. The Sheriff’s Posse Arena is now open to receive livestock from those zones.

Sycamore Ranch is located near Browns Valley at 5390 State Hwy 20.

The Sheriff’s Posse is located at 5396 Marysville Road, Browns Valley.

Questions may be directed to the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services by calling (530) 749-7520.

**UPDATE: So far, the Yuba County Care and Sheltering team at the Sycamore Ranch evacuation site has not had anyone show up. The team will be closing down for the evening, beginning at 5 p.m. today.

A phone number has been established for anyone who has a home within either of the two evacuation zones (YUB-E095 and E098) and would like to seek shelter after hours. The number is (530) 632-7715.

If you are needing assistance evacuating large animals, please contact Yuba County Dispatch at 530-749-7777.

For those who have evacuated from Yub-E095 and Yub-E098, an evacuation center has been set up at Sycamore Ranch, located at, 5390 State Hwy 20, Browns Valley.

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