Today’s Good News: School Superintendent Gives Kids A Break



The superintendent of a school district in West Virginia cancelled all classes yesterday so kids could go outside and play in the first snow of the year.  He talked about how everyone needed a break and told them to “go build a snowman.”


A Virginia man is a big winner after buying 160 tickets with the same four numbers. Each ticket won the top prize of $5-thousand, bringing Kwame Cross’ total winnings to $800-thousand. He says he “just had a feeling” about the numbers being lucky and it really paid off. Source: People

money plate tip


A customer at an Ohio restaurant wowed staff by leaving an extremely generous tip. The Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar in Toledo shared a photo of the receipt showing the $56-hundred tip on their Facebook page. The customer asked that the money be split between all the staff, whether they were working that night or not. Source: Fox News

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