Today’s Good News: Officer Buys Woman Groceries



A cop used his own money to buy Christmas dinner for a family in need instead of charging two women with shoplifting. Officer Matt Lima, with the Somerset, Massachusetts police, was called after the women didn’t scan all the items at the self-checkout register. He found out they were struggling to make ends meet, didn’t press charges and bought them a $250 gift card to buy groceries at a different store. Source: Turn to 10


After not being able to hug their three grandkids since March, Barbara and Clive Walshaw got creative. The grandparents wore inflatable polar bear costumes to hug the kiddos safely. The couple says the hug was the “best six minutes” they had all year. Source: Good News Network

money plate tip


A restaurant in North Carolina is thanking a big tipper who surprised a server with a generous gratuity. Davie Tavern posted a photo of the $63.85 bill and the $1-thousand tip, with a note asking to “please split with staff.” If it was split evenly with all six staff members working that shift, each one gets about $166.

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