Today’s Good News: Garbage Collectors Restore Old Bikes For Kids In Need



Two garbage collectors are taking one man’s trash and turning it into treasure for local kids. Ron Milligan and Kenneth Walker Jr noticed good bikes being thrown out on their route, so they started saving them. They fix them up and donate them to Children’s Services for kids in need. Source: WFLA


A family has donated a food truck to a nonprofit that feeds underserved communities in Houston. Brothers Jeff and John Parks drove the truck from Ohio to Texas to give it to Chris Williams, founder of Lucille’s 1913. The truck had belonged to their nephew who passed away and they wanted to pay it forward to Lucille’s 1913 after seeing the good work they were doing. Source: Houston Chronicle

kids hands


A pair of college students in Virginia started chatting on a bus and made a surprising discovery. Ally Cole and Ruby Wierzbicki realized they’re both adopted from China from the same orphanage. They shared old photos and even found some where they are side by side. Source: CNN

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