Today’s Good News: Co-Workers Dumpster Dive To Find Colleague’s Wedding Ring



A bank employee’s coworkers were willing to dumpster dive to help her find her lost wedding band. Trina Burns couldn’t find the band she’s worn for nearly 32 years and told colleagues to keep an eye out. They did more than that, getting into the dumpster to search before finding the ring in the parking lot. Source: KFYR

money cash dollars 3

A year after losing everything in a flood, a Michigan man’s luck has changed. The 29-year-old just won the top $2-million prize on a scratch off lottery ticket. He’s walking away with $1.3-million in a lump sum payment and plans to pay bills and save the rest. Source: CNN

Mail box


An Ohio community celebrated the retirement of their beloved mail carrier, Brett Wittwer. He’s been serving the Cincinnati area for more than three decades and those on his route had surprises for him on his last day of work. People decorated their mailboxes and had gifts and treats for Wittwer to send him off with love. Source: ABC News

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