Today’s Good News: Child Rescues Grandma With Help From Teachers On Zoom

ambulance emergency room paramedic


An 11-year-old who was at home with his grandmother when she had a nasty fall turned to his teachers on Zoom for help. Kaleb Greenough was afraid to move his grandma, who is legally blind, disabled and on kidney dialysis and his phone wasn’t working. But his teachers were there for him, virtually, and helped get paramedics, as well as eased his stress. Source: KSDK


A North Carolina man has made it his mission to clean up trash across the state and he’s been at it for a decade. Daniel Toben started picking up litter while he was a student at NC State University and so far, he’s cleaned up over 8-million pieces of garbage. The environmentalist shares his hobby with his nearly 380-thousand followers on TikTok who love watching him in action. Source: CBS 17

shelter dog


A stray dog that was hiding inside the engine compartment of an SUV has found a new home with her rescuer. Maryanne Davidson found the pup under her SUV and when she tried to get her out, the dog climbed up into the engine. A Dallas Fire-Rescue crew came to help and the firefighter who got the dog out has adopted her. Source: UPI

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