Today’s Good News: Anonymous Donor Pays Adoption Fees At Shelter

Dog Walk


A mystery donor is giving back to the Halifax Humane Society in Daytona Beach, Florida, after some good fortune. The anonymous woman paid off all the adoption fees for all the dogs ready to be adopted. She told the shelter she recently made a wise investment in cryptocurrency that changed her life and she wanted to do something nice. Source: Fox 35 Orlando

dog pool

A family in South Africa is grateful for the heroic actions one of their dogs made to save the other after he fell into their backyard pool. Byron Thanarayen and his wife were confused when they came home and found the dogs wet, but security camera footage showed them what happened. Their small dog fell into the pool and their larger dog spent 34 minutes working to get him out, saving his life.



The staff at a Tennessee restaurant was surprised by a customer’s generosity to them and to fellow customers. A diner at Burg Steakhouse in Gatlinburg left a thousand dollar tip and picked up the check for two other tables as well. He wants to remain anonymous, but told servers he’s terminally ill and wants to spend his money on other people before he dies. Source: WATE

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