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Community Helps Boy With Autism Get A Service Dog

A teenager started The GivingHope Project to help the homeless population in his community during the pandemic. Liem Kaplan, 13, collects donations to get face masks, hand sanitizer and food to folks who need … Read More


Business Minded Teens Help Local Food Drive

A group of teenagers in New Jersey started their own landscaping business to stay busy, make money, and help people who’ve been struggling during the pandemic.  And they’re donating 10% of their … Read More


Great Medical Advancements Against Covid!

Country Time Lemonade launched an economic relief program for lemonade stands that have been hurt by the pandemic.  It’s called The Littlest Bailout.  You can help your kids apply for $100 in … Read More


Amazon Driver Delivers Kindness

An encounter with a struggling tamale vendor led a customer to start a fundraiser for him. After talking to 94-year-old “Don Joel,” Kenia Barragan wanted to help him, so she turned to Instagram to ask … Read More


2nd Grader Starts A Cleanup Project

The first coronavirus vaccine here in the U.S. has succeeded in its initial tests and is ready to move to the final testing stage.  Dr. Anthony Fauci says, quote, “No matter how you … Read More


Senior Care Packages Bring Smiles

The pandemic has really made people recognize the value of small businesses . . . and since it started, 80% have intentionally bought something from a small business they would’ve bought from … Read More


One Seven Year Old Is Helping The Homeless

Gennica Cochran is a server in California who’s being called a hero for kicking a diner out after he launched a racist tirade against an Asian family who were also dining at the … Read More


Good News! Moms Feed Neighborhood

When coronavirus hit her community, Diana Love stepped in to help. She and Amy Marshall started the West Annapolis Pop Up Pantry providing free food for those who need it. The … Read More


Good News! United In Kindness Awards

“Reader’s Digest” is running a contest called “United in Kindness” that features the year’s most inspiring stories from all 50 states.  You can check it out and vote for your favorite … Read More


Good News! 7 Year Old Gets Books Into Classrooms

A California third-grader is raising money to get books featuring diverse characters and multicultural crayons into more classrooms. Madison Wilson has raised close to $7-thousand so far, enough to donate to … Read More


Good News! Man Sold His SUV To Help Others

A 31-year-old guy in India found out there weren’t enough medical oxygen tanks for COVID-19 patients.  So he sold his SUV and bought 250 of them to hand out.


Sunday’s Good News

A school bus driver in Massachusetts named Clayton Ward has had lots of spare time the last few months, and just finished up his associate’s degree.  He says talking to the kids … Read More


Thursday’s Good News

A 114-year-old monk in Ethiopia has now beaten the virus. A woman in Florida is on a quest to run 100 marathons in 100 days during the crisis.  She broke the world record with … Read More


Tuesday’s Good News

A Starbucks barista in San Diego got screamed at by a woman when he wouldn’t serve her until she put a mask on.  She took a picture, called him a “sheep,” and … Read More


Monday’s Good News

A woman in Washington state used her stimulus check to make hundreds of lasagnas for people.  She’s made over 1,200 in the last three months using her grandmother’s recipe. After both … Read More


Sunday’s Good News

A 96-year-old WWII veteran is celebrating his recovery from coronavirus by meeting his newest family member. Jimmie Fisher tested positive for the illness two weeks after his great grandson was born. … Read More


Saturday’s Good News

A pastor who helps those down on their luck decided to relive a dream for his birthday. Pastor Bill Losasso bought the contents of an ice cream truck for his … Read More


Friday’s Good News

Here’s a nice unexpected side effect of the lockdown.  A Father’s Day survey found that 60% of dads feel the extra time at home has made them closer with their kids. … Read More


Thursday’s Good News

The Mayo Clinic says treatments using plasma from recovered patients appear to be working.  They’re not done testing yet, but the mortality rates are lower.  And only 1% of people who’ve … Read More


Wednesday’s Good News

A singer who’s done shows at Walt Disney World for 40 years has ridden his bike over 3,000 miles during the pandemic, just to cheer up his friends and coworkers by … Read More


Tuesday’s Good News

New research finds that listening to classical music – particularly Mozart – could reduce the number of seizures someone with epilepsy has. A study from the Krembil Brain Institute at Toronto Western … Read More


Monday’s Good News

Rent prices around the U.S. are dropping in the wake of coronavirus.  One real estate agent in San Francisco says he’s even seeing rents down 10% to 20%. The pandemic and … Read More


Sunday’s Good News

A school librarian in Virginia has been using a drone to deliver books to kids to keep them occupied. A woman in Sacramento, California celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday with a drive-through celebration … Read More


Being Kind Leads To Longer Life

It works both ways… A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reminds us that doing good for others is good for us, too. The research on nearly … Read More


Saturday Good News

Scientists in the U.K. announced a, quote, “major breakthrough” yesterday, as trials have found a cheap, common steroid called dexamethasone has reduced the death rates of people with severe COVID-19 cases by … Read More


Friday Good News

A couple in Pennsylvania are now parents to a group of six brothers and sisters who spent 1,640 days in foster care. Steve Anderson-McLane and Rob Anderson-McLane officially adopted the six siblings who had … Read More


Good News Thursday

  Lots of people have been using all their extra time at home to . . . help solve mysteries.  There’s a website that crowdsources big problems that need solving . … Read More


Wednesday’s Good News

  Two 90-year-olds in Indianapolis who’ve been married for 67 years were reunited after a month . . . when one of them had to quarantine with coronavirus.  Fortunately, she beat it … Read More


Tuesday’s Good News

  Two college students in L.A. used their spring break to create a nonprofit called The FarmLink Project that helps farmers donate unsold food to food banks.  Their first donation was 11,000 eggs, and … Read More


Monday Good News

  Another person who was inspired by Captain Tom Moore is walking for charity.  A 103-year-old retired doctor in Belgium is walking a marathon in his yard this month.  He started June 1st . … Read More


Sunday Good News

  A children’s book author named Rob Biddulph has been offering free art lessons on YouTube during the pandemic.  And he just set a world record for largest online art lesson.  … Read More


Saturday’s Good News

  A group of British scientists who’ve been working on a vaccine have now set up their own company to distribute it if it works.  It’s so they don’t have … Read More


Friday’s Good News

  A mother and daughter are both becoming doctors at the same time. Dr. Cynthia Kudji Sylvester and her daughter Dr. Jasmine Kudjiare both starting their medical careers together at the LSU Health … Read More

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