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WW2 Vet Receives Over 10,000 Birthday Cards

We told you about Lawrence Brooks last week.  He’s America’s oldest living World War Two vet, and he turned 111 on Saturday.  The National World War Two Museum asked people to send … Read More


Steak Donated To Feed Hurricane Victims

A New Jersey man who was laid-off this summer because of the COVID-19 crisis is using his time to help the community. Brian Schwartz, a former VP of digital advertising, is now mowing … Read More


Boy Raises Over $315K For K9 Bulletproof Vests

When Brady Snakovsky found out that police dogs don’t automatically get bulletproof vests, he was worried about them not being as protected as their handlers. So the then eight-year-old kid from Ohio … Read More


Swimmer Raises $10,000 For Charity

 A long-distance swimmer named Marian Cardwell was planning to raise money for charity by swimming across Lake Michigan.  But the pandemic forced her to stay closer to home.  So she improvised this … Read More


11 Year Old Saves Drowning Toddler

A tree trimmer found a wallet on the ground at a gas station and it had $700 inside. Dominique Coward spent hours driving to each address on the cards in the wallet and … Read More


Girl Scouts Are Making Masks

A bunch of people in Portland, Oregon were lined up to apply for COVID-relief money, when some guy pulled up and started handing out $100 bills.  One person said the guy … Read More


Woman Has Climbed 39 Mountains For Charity

A Colorado woman has plans to reach the top of all 58 mountains in the state with peaks 14-thousand-feet or higher. Brittany Woodrum has already finished climbing the 39th and she’s doing it all … Read More


Ancient CA Redwoods Survive Fire

A huge wildfire burned through the Big Basin Redwoods State Park in California and it was feared the iconic trees may have been destroyed. Some of the old-growth redwoods are … Read More


Gamers Raise Millions For Doctors

A father and daughter in Chicago started a charity in 2009 called Books 4 Cause that takes used books and gives them out for free.  After the pandemic hit, they started taking … Read More


Help For Moms

Being a mom isn’t easy, and being a working mom can be even harder. There’s no doubt there are times moms wish they had more hours in the day to … Read More


Restaurant Owners Feeds Community For Free

After a recent storm left millions without power in the Midwest, a restaurant owner in Iowa is helping to feed the community. Willie Fairley has been giving away hundreds of meals from Willie … Read More


Six Year Old Feeds The Homeless

    An elementary school in Florida installed clear plastic barriers around the desks, and teachers knew it might freak kids out.  So they used construction paper to make the front … Read More


Couple Served Their Wedding Food To People In Need

An Ohio couple turned their canceled wedding reception into an act of kindness for their community by donating the food to a local women’s shelter. Tyler and Melanie Tapajna brought the food that would’ve been served … Read More


Strangers Save 6 Year Old’s Birthday

Employees at a library in Australia have been keeping busy by calling all 8,000 members who are 70 and older, just to check in and see if they need anything.  The response … Read More


Company Paying Employees to Rescue Pets

The Zebra, an insurance comparison site, is now offering staff members a fun new perk. They’re covering the cost of adopting a new pet, up to $300 a year. And they’re … Read More


10 Year Old Sells Paintings For Charity

A couple near Pittsburgh has been bringing neighbors food and refusing to take any money.  One of the neighbors is a 71-year-old woman in a wheelchair.  And she was so thankful, she … Read More


8 Year Old Mows Lawns For First Responders

Two sisters in Pensacola, Florida started a group called Sisters of Hope that’s been making face masks non-stop.  Their goal is to give one to every teacher and student in their community … Read More

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