Sunday’s Good News



A family in Kansas has been working hard to help the community while practicing safe social distancing. Ed Holland started a project, “One Mile at a Time,” with his three young grandsons. They pick up trash and litter on the sides of country roads and he pays them, but splits the money between savings and a charity of their choice. (story)


Jennifer Anistonis raining money for coronavirus relief. Aniston and Mark Seliger are auctioning off her iconic nude photo that appeared in Rolling Stone. All of the proceeds will be going to NAF Clinics. (story)



A 56-year-old U.K. man who was abandoned as a baby has finally found his biological family. Simon Jeffrey was left in a box outside a bar in 1963 and recently connected with three of his siblings for the first time. After a DNA test he was able to put together pieces of his background and is thrilled to get to know his family. (story)

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