Activists will risk arrest this morning, attempting a mock Citizen’s Arrest of Beale Air Force Base commander Colonel Heather Fox.  It’s part of nationwide protests in support of Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale, accused of exposing critical information about the U.S. Drone program, including the involvement of Beale Air Force Base.  Colonel Fox is taking blame for the Base’s role in the covert Drone Assassination Program, that has allegedly killed thousands of unintended targets. 

In addition to the mock Citizen’s Arrest this morning between 6-and-8-a.m., there will be a protest from 3-to-5-p.m. this afternoon at the Beale Base Doolittle Gate. 

Attendees are calling to quote – “Prosecute Colonel Fox for War Crimes, Not Daniel Hale for Exposing the Crimes.

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