PG&E Activates Enhanced Powerline Safety System

(Yuba-Sutter, CA) – PG&E announced yesterday they have activated their Enhanced Powerline Safety System for the height of wildfire season. This includes 23 circuits in Yuba County, 42 in Butte County, 7 in Colusa County and 6 in Glenn county.

The expanded system now includes over 1,000 circuits that encompass more than 25,000 distribution lines in PG&E’s highest-risk fire areas, capable they say of turning power off within 1/10th of a second, when a fault, such as a tree limb coming in contact with a powerline is detected.

One thought on “PG&E Activates Enhanced Powerline Safety System

  1. Let’s be real a. 10th of a second even though it is fast, that 10th depending on when, where and the fuel load on the ground still has potential. There should not be any trees close enough in height to ever make contact. Now I get that residential areas would a more difficult to achieve that. I talking the 500,000 KV lines. Take the lowest point of the sag of the line and mark any trees that could come in contact with the outermost phases for 360° and either remove them or top them. Not a perfect solution as hardware failures are still the unforeseen trigger.

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