Northern California is seeing a rise in bear encounters.  Early Monday morning, a bear made it’s way into a Nevada City home, startling a couple living inside while digging through the kitchen looking for food.  No injuries were reported, and the only damage was a broken screen door, but this marks the third such encounter with bears inside homes in just the past week. 

Experts with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife tells KCRA-3 that with the bear population rising in the region, residents should make sure to close and lock all doors and windows, secure pet food, regularly tend to fruit trees and use a bear-proof trash box. 

If you do come across a bear, don’t provoke it, give it plenty of space, and call 9-1-1 right away.

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  1. I had a family of three bears mosey in through an open door at 230am about a year ago. Thanks to the Nevada County Sheriffs who got out to Willow Valley Road near Scotts Flat Road in about 15 minutes and shooed them out without incident. Anytime a trash bin has the slightest food in it the bears are on it, and we don’t want them to get too accustomed to easy pickings.

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