Good News For Your Sunday


A grocery store manager in England noticed an 87-year-old woman was only buying canned goods.  It turned out she didn’t have an oven or a microwave.  So he arranged to have hot meals sent to her house.  Then other people stepped up and donated some appliances to her. (story)


After five years in foster care, a 17-year-old boy has been adopted by a Tennessee couple. Chad and Paul officially became Michael’s parents over a Zoom call. The family had more than 80 loved ones watching the adoption online and cheering for them. (story)


Ron Soliman is a wedding photographer but since the pandemic started, he’s been snapping photos of frontline workers with their families for free. With his schedule free of weddings, he’s taking portraits of families in Delaware, New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. He takes the photos of them wearing their work uniforms and the images are in black and white. (story)

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