(OLIVEHURST) – A terrible crash in Olivehurst.

Officials say a 46 year old man in a Jeep…with three kids inside…one 10 and two three year olds…loses control on Highway 70…doing at least 90…south of McGowan. The Jeep heads off into a dirt field…hitting a berm.

The driver is thrown from the vehicle, on impact. No seat belts. He dies at the scene. The kids?…minor injuries. They are back with their mother, now.

The Sunday crash remains under investigation at this hour.

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  1. You need to proof read these articles and edit them better. You do not put the three dots… in between so many sentences. In addition, the way things are written “Driver heads off”
    It should be “The driver veered off the highway, hitting a berm.” Then instead of “The kids?” It should be the children were unharmed and are with their mother ”
    The way these articles are so poorly written is embarrassing .

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