(SAN FRANCISCO) – PG&E is under investigation…again…for potentially starting a wildfire.

This one’s different…the complaint is filed by…the federal government.

We are finding out the utility was subpoenaed by the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California, back on October 7th…for documents related to the Dixie Fire. This little tidbit shows up in a quarterly PG&E filing, last week. The cause of the massive fire is still being determined.

With that, we reported, back on September 7th, the utility admitted, in court, their equipment might be to blame for causing the fire. The Dixie is now 100% contained. It burnt over 963,000 acres of land in 103 days…destroying over 1,200 buildings.

Some say the suit…is barking up the wrong tree. To them, including several lawmakers…it’s the Forest Service that needs to get lawyered up…not PG&E.

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